Opposites Exposed – Home and Away

We continue on our journey through the letter of Paul to the Corinthians with Home and Away. Armando walks us through a passage of scripture while explaining a new piece of interpretive work called ” Transcendent”.

This is a mixed media piece created from reclaimed materials. The main component is a piece of dried cactus branch found on the desert floor. In its core is a length of copper mesh and it is wrapped by a sheet of white plastic that has been sanded to a point where the branch is showing through.

Special thanks to Nathaniel for leading in worship. We are still building our team, so we had some backup help from some old friends.

Here’s a link if the video doesn’t play: https://youtu.be/jP7qu2UlqFE

Photo by Christian Angulo


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A life-long multidisciplinary artist living and working in the Greater Phoenix area.

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